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Nov 06, 2006 - 04:30 PM

Matching the Mrs: Spouses & Special Interests

by Judy Dugan
Business interests who need to make sure the Gov's door stays open to them are still pouring money into his coffers. On average he's pulled in at least $95,000 a day since his 2003 campaign. He's way ahead of Gray Davis, who was booted for his own money-grubbing behavior.

In the last two days of reported contributions, we find several of the usual suspects, belatedly giving the maximum of $22,300 to Arnold's campaign. It's in their corporate interest to go with the winner. But who's this humble self-described housewife, Paulette Delgado, also forking over $22,300?

It takes a little digging, but a cross-check of addresses indicates she's Paulette Delgado Matich, wife of Stephen Matich, president of the family-owned Matich construction and development corporation. It's one of the companies that stands to profit handsomely from the governor's multi-billion-dollar package of transportation, water and housing bonds on Tuesday's ballot. Arnold also named Mr. Matich this year to the state Contractor's License Board.

News organizations and others try hard to match campaign contributions to special interests and specific industries. But as with Mrs. Matich, nee Delgado, we'll never know how much of Arnold's $112 million collected to date comes from a special interest shielded by the job description "homemaker."

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